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« Witches appear in the deserts of meaning. »
Jules Michelet

Who are we ?

Opiclown is an association of general interest governed by the 1901 law, which aims to exempt relational care with artistic mediation through clown interventions Relational. This approach was created in Liege by Christian Moffarts and Françoise Camus in the late 1980s. It is currently being pursued within the Institute of the Relational and Clown-Therapy Clown (ICRCT), combining Art, Clown and Therapy. Opiclown is part of this filiation.

What is our goal

Our approach to care is focused on the person, not the disease. People called "insane" or at the end of their lives have emotional and relational needs as well as the so-called "healthy" people, despite their inability to communicate by words; they would benefit from having their disturbed behaviours are understood not as disturbing factors to be calmed, but as calls to to exist.

We experience that the relationship is always possible, by other means, with these so-called "non-communicating" persons. Their desire to live, to communicate is often latent, even hidden, buried, it may seem absent: it is possible to wake it up by appropriate relational care.

Empathetic communication is an essential prerequisite for the practice of care relational. The art of the clown can facilitate the relationship, especially with the so-called person insane. It uses the game of the whole emotional palette and promotes a space of pleasure and of joyful complicity symbolized by the red nose.

What do we do

We regularly intervene in health care institutions, at the request of the directors and in agreement and complementarity with the health care teams. We take care of people with disturbed behaviour, disturbing, situations of suffering and moral distress. We are concerned about also from their families.
Our partnership with carers can help to soothe them by listening and mutual respect, and thus develop new attitudes (good distance, just presence, benevolence...). We bring to the teams our particular perspective, as well as our "technical" with artistic mediation in the field of care; they aim to take into account the is responsible for situations in which these teams are often helpless due to lack of time and means. The Relational Clown can defuse tensions and anxieties among both of them. He is in an attitude of openness and unconditional welcome.

Our commitment to you

The Relational Clowns have received initial training (33 days), and are committed to continue their training through workshops and actions proposed by Opiclown; their competence is the result of the knowledge acquired. They undertake to respect the confidentiality of the training workshops. They undertake, like carers, to respect professional secrecy during the oral and written communications in the care record. The practice of the Relational Clown is based on the principles of ethical responsibility and probity.

The participants in the Opiclown process undertake, by their signature affixed hereto below, to adhere to the constituent elements of this charter.

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